Oxyregen Advanced Healing Power


Each cell in our body needs oxygen to preserve, repair and enhance every cellular functions.
The air we breathe is approximately 21% oxygen at sea level.
HBOT provides our body with greater opportunity for improving one’s health by increasing oxygen concentration in the body.
HBOT kills anaerobic bacteria, viruses and other microbes that cannot survive in oxygenated environments.


Rent a chamber

We provide a portable hyperbaric chamber in your home, for you to rent for a duration of 40 days. On site training is offered by our professional staff.

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Do you want to invest in your health and start feeling better today? OxyRegen is here to guide you in choosing which hyperbaric chamber is best suited for your needs.


1.4 ATA Pressure
20″ x 80.7″ (50.8 cm x 204.98 cm)

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1.4 ATA Pressure
28″ x 80.75″ (71 cm x 205 cm)

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1.3 ATA Pressure
33″ x 90.75″ (84 cm x 231 cm)

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1.3 ATA Pressure
36″ x 111″ (91 cm x 282 cm)

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Lifetime warranty on all our chambers
***certain conditions apply – contact us for details